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Home Automation That Saves You Time and Money

Smart devices are commonly used because of their convenience. Rather than manually cater to every single activity in the house, smart automations are a necessary luxury to help you get things done seamlessly. You can conveniently leave your house, with confidence that there are smart home devices that can monitor your home, reduce your utility bills and save you lots of time.

Below is a set of suggested home automation that are efficient and saves money:

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats work by learning your heating and cooling routine. One unique thing about them is that they can be voice controlled if you want to operate them hands-free. Some smart thermostats are also equipped with motion sensors that can detect human motion. Smart thermostats can also serve as a central hub for your home's automation. They learn about your heating and cooling routine, helping to reduce damage to your home appliances and even allow you to save money.

Smart Plugs

It is not advisable to plug your heater or other large appliances that are known to drain up energy. The smart plug home automation allows you to turn your lights on and off remotely and also keep your appliances from draining energy and using up your bill. Another added value is that most smart plugs are equipped with sensors that can shut the plugs off if the outlets are overloaded which will save your home from fire damage.

Smart Locks

Are you worried or unsure about locking the door after setting out for your daily, out-of-home activities? With a simple glance at your smartphone app, you can get the answer you need and a finger swipe on your smartphone can secure the doors remotely. In doing so, you can save time from worrying about your home and properties that may cost you lots of money if stolen.

Automated blinds system

The automated blinds manage indoor temperature through a process called daylight harvesting. In the summer, the blinds draw up automatically to keep heat indoors, while the opposite occurs in the winter, saving you HVAC energy costs. Also, the blinds are made of special fabrics to reduce heat gain in the summer, helping you save energy costs for your air conditioning system.

Additionally, you can integrate the automated blinds with your indoor lighting system to create automated schedules and custom presents to make the best of existing lights and save energy costs.

Water Sensors

Water sensors can notify you when there's water leakage or freezing on the floor of your basements. You can install water sensors in your toilets, sinks, or other places you feel can cause potential water damage. These sensors can signal you through a tone if you're home or send an alert to your smartphone or other connected devices. A water sensor can save you money by detecting leaks early before they cause further damage that will end up costing you lots of dollars.

Take advantage of saving energy and money from the home automation ideas listed above to create a cool home for yourself. Reach out to us now for all your home automation needs.


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