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Top Home Automation Trends of 2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

With the level of comfort and enjoyment smart home offers, it’s no surprise to see it going mainstream.

And as smart technology gets better, homeowners are presented with more choices than ever before.

Yes, you’ve probably installed a wireless camera in your home and integrated some other smart home technology.

But home automation is moving fast. Maybe it’s time to move up a notch.

In this post, you’d see the home automation trends 2021 that ensure you get the best smart home technology for more comfort and security.

1. Improved Home Security System

For much of 2020, the majority spent their time in their homes, no thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, the work-from-home culture is becoming a thing. But with offices now opening and many employees returning to work, there’s no better time to pay more attention to your home security.

While home security systems aren’t new, the latest technology goes beyond CCTV cameras and webcam monitoring.

One of the home automation trends 2021 is security systems that use voice and facial recognition to identify members of your household and alert you to the presence of intruders.

You can also program your security system to allow access to certain people between certain hours. Let’s say your plumber is scheduled to fix a problem between 2 PM and 4 PM. You can program your system to enable the plumber to access your home. At 4 PM, the system can also confirm that the plumber has left.

With motion detection security cameras, you can also detect movement inside and outside your home, enabling you to keep tabs on everyone!

2. Smart Lighting & Blinds

One of the first smart systems you’d find in any home, smart lighting is constantly improving. In 2021 and even beyond, we’d see more improved smart lighting in homes.

For example, you can go on vacation and program your lighting system to go on and off at specific times. This will make it look like you’re at home, deterring intruders from attempting a break-in. You can even use your voice to control the lights in each room of your home.

Your home lighting system can be integrated with smart blinds to create the right ambiance in your work. The blinds can be programmed to raise when the sun comes up, and the lighting overhead goes off simultaneously. And when the sun goes down, your blinds lower, and at the same time, the lighting comes on.

One of the most popular brands for smart blinds is Lutron. From Lutron curtains and Lutron roller shades to Lutron blackout shades and Lutron electronic shades, there are a variety of options to choose from. The high quality matched with the reasonable cost of Lutron shades is leading to an ever-growing demand for these hot items.

Touchless Technology for Access & Better Hygiene

Contactless home automation systems are trending in 2021 and in various situations too. With the pandemic, many people are integrating touchless access to their homes using voice control and facial recognition.

Video doorbells that ring without touching them also make sure hygiene protocols are maintained. The number of switches reduces with the use of Siri and Alexa to adjust blinds and turn on lights.

Voice recognition is also used to turn on the TV, reducing the need for remote controls and keeping hygiene levels high.

3. Smart Home Zoning Systems

Home zoning ensures the activation of smart features in certain areas of your home. For example, during the heat of summer, you can set the smart thermostat to keep your bedroom comfortably cold while other areas remain unchanged. One huge benefit of home zones is that it allows you to save on energy bills.

With years of experience creating smart home projects, the experts at Smart Home & Hifi can make your 2021 and beyond safer, easier, and more enjoyable with the latest home automation systems. Contact us and let us know how we can help!


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