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Home Security Automation

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

In today’s increasingly digital world, everything you need, from ordering lunch to making your home cooler, is just a click or voice command away. The smart home market is growing rapidly, and home security providers are rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of homeowners. Here are some cool security automation devices you can have in your home.

Smart Locks

Thanks to home security automation, you don’t have to rely on keys to lock and unlock your doors anymore. Some smart locks come with keypads or touchscreens, so you can input your code to unlock your door. With some smart locks, you can lock and unlock from an app installed on your smartphone.

The biggest perk of smart locks is that you can operate them from anywhere. You can let the handyman in for repairs when you’re at work or secure the whole home from your bedroom. Smart locks can also be integrated into your home so that as the door locks, the alarm is armed, or the lights turn on as the door unlocks.

Smart Doorbells & Cameras

Internet-enabled, smart cameras can be installed anywhere in your home and viewed remotely on your smartphone. Footages can also be stored in the cloud, eliminating the need to set up a physical storage facility.

Some smart cameras come with an in-built motion detector that automatically records and activates the alarm when they detect movement. You can also communicate with anyone on your property via your smart doorbell. When someone rings your doorbell, you receive an alert on your phone and see whoever it is.

Smart Light Bulbs

How convenient will it be if you can control your light bulbs using an app from anywhere you are? Very! You can also program smart lighting to turn on or off at a particular time. You can also integrate them with your motion sensors, so they come on when movement is detected. Some smart bulbs enable you to choose as many colors as you want— all with a single click, no matter where you are.

Smart Smoke Detector

In the event of a fire, smart smoke detectors go off and can send an alert to your phone no matter where you are. They can also detect and communicate exactly where the fire is located. In the case of a false alarm, the good thing is that you can easily shut your smoke alarm off.

You can also integrate it with the smart home system so that when the alarm goes off, lights are turned on, the HVAC system is turned off, and doors are unlocked to reduce the spread of the smoke and enable quick access into your home.

Why Home Security Automation?

  • Reduces break-ins and protects your valuables

  • Smart home lighting, alarm, and doorbells discourage intruders and deter crime

  • Enables remote access to your home

  • Help you keep tabs on your kids

  • Reduces your insurance premium

  • Quickly alerts you to fire and smoke hazards

  • Provides greater convenience

Not sure if you left your doors locked? Left home without arming your security alarm? Have a knack for losing your keys or want to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world? We’ve got you covered. Smart Home & Hifi offers a range of smart home security solutions that protects what you care about the most. Contact us today!


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