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Top Reasons You Should Use Whole House Audio Systems

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Whole-house audio systems are vastly different from the average two-channel speaker configuration you'd discover in a music room. This system has the capability of playing songs throughout each room in the house and outside in the backyard.

If you want more information about a whole-house music system, then you've come to the right place. Additionally, a whole-home sound system will allow you to save space while still providing a more enjoyable experience for your visitors.

Here are other perks whole-house audio systems offer!

It doesn't matter where you are in your house, you can enjoy all your favorite songs

The fundamental benefit of a whole-house music system is the ability to play songs in each room simultaneously. Installing speakers demands carefully selecting certain positions to provide a constant audio quality.

Think of sound from a speaker like light from a light bulb/recess light. You wouldn’t just put two lights in turn them up as high as they go to try and get light through your home. Speakers and music is the same way. By putting speakers all around the house you will blanket your house with music, and have the ability to raise and lower them, just like your lighting, to create the perfect ambiance. Not too loud, not to quiet. It also gives you the ability to only have music playing in the section of the house that you are in.

For example, you are in the kitchen, but you only installed speakers in the living room. So you have to turn up the music loud enough in the living room to hear it well in the kitchen. Well, to bad for anyone that wants to be in the living room, now that room is way too loud, and not to mention how the sound from there will travel to other areas of the house. So having speakers in each room allows you to focus the sound where you are.

Walking to your room just after an exhausting workday will be a lot less difficult if you have background music.

It's an excellent method to engage friends and relatives. For a party, your guests can walk around the home and yet be able to hear the music clearly. You can't have a single integrated sound system if you have separate systems in each room.

Play different songs without disturbing your neighbors

It's possible to play the same song through every speaker in your house, but each room can have its own unique soundscape.

In the morning, if you have any young children in the morning, you can allow them to pick their own favorite morning song to listen to. One can listen to the radio while preparing a meal in the kitchen.

Listen to your favorite radio station or music genre while relaxing in your own private space with your family. To avoid disturbing your neighbors, it is recommended that you install outdoor audio systems.

Don’t forget to have one room in your house that has a great pair of speakers in so when you want to sit and listen to music you have one room dedicated for that.

Access to a variety of streaming services which you can use to expand your collection of music

One of the many advantages of investing in a high-quality audio setup is having access to a larger music library. It is possible to stream music from your own personal library and music from other artists through services like Spotify and Pandora.

With the help of a variety of devices, you can manage your music collection

Never make the use of technology difficult. You don't need any additional time to play a particular album or radio station because our controls are so simple.

You can access all of your music sources and locations in your home with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

You'll be able to save a lot of space

Speakers for house audio systems come in all different shapes and sizes. There are your traditional circular speakers for the ceiling or rectangular flush speakers for the wall. There are speakers that are the same size as the recess lighting and are available in the circle or square fixture. Then you have speakers that can be a piece of artwork. Or the ultimate is speakers that are invisible. They are put in between the stud, and are then painted over to match the wall and just disappear.

Create the perfect ambiance in your home and enjoy all other benefits a whole house audio system offers by connecting with Smart Home & HiFi today!


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