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Top Smart Home Trends for 2021

Smart homes are becoming increasingly more popular, especially with more people spending time at home. With more time at home, you can take the time to customize your home to reflect your mood, needs, and vision. Each year, they make recent advancements with technology and create new ways to innovate your home. Smart homes have the capability to make your home and everyday life more efficient. Whether you are focused on improving the entertainment in your home, security, kitchen, thermostats, or more, 2021 has many advancements in store. Below, we break down a few of the emerging smart home trends for 2021:

Top 3 Smart home trends in 2021

1) Increased Security

Your home is your sanctuary for you and your family, so it's essential to protect it. With everything going on in the world, enhanced security is more important now than ever before. Experts suggest that more security advancements will be implemented in homes than ever before, including smart locks, drone cameras, ring cameras, facial recognition, and more. You can increase your home's security and have control of everything from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

2) Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a stunning and functional addition to any home. Phillips, Sengled, and Eufy are some of the leading brands on the market that offer high-quality solutions. Lighting in your home can make it easier to navigate your home, and it can also affect your mood. Smart lighting will continue to lead the charge in smart home automation with its diverse capabilities and wide range of styles. With so many customizations, it's no secret why smart lighting will continue to be in style. Smart lighting allows you to have timed lighting solutions, dimming and brightening settings, and more.

3) Mesh WiFi

One of the most important aspects of a home is a fast internet connection in this day and age. With more people using smart devices for work, entertainment, or more, they need faster and more efficient internet connections to keep up. One of the key trends of 2021 is including mesh wifi into homes. Mesh wifi use two or more connected devices to offer multiple Wi-Fi signal sources, which are all on the same network in your home. These routers can increase your internet speed and allow for seamless use on various devices. If you have a large home or many people working remotely on different devices, a mesh wifi router can make your connection more efficient.

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