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What Should I Automate In My House?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

With the continuous advancements in technology, you can automate everything in your house. However, it is more advisable to go for practical and functional automation. Here are some important parts of your house you can automate


Automated lights are quite popular nowadays, and there are different ways to automate your lights. You can use voice activation or sensors that turn on the lights once movement is detected in the room.

You could also include advanced settings that dim the lights at certain hours and brighten up at certain times.


You can use sensors to close and open your blinds automatically, depending on the temperature and level of brightness in the room. For instance, your blinds can automatically close once it’s dark out or if it’s chilly in the winter to keep the cold out.

Door locks

You can use sensors or voice activation panels that unlock your doors once you speak. Also, you could connect your doors to your mobile device so that the doors are unlocked once the device is in close proximity.

Usually, unlocking your doors sets up a chain of actions like turning on lights, activating the heating or cooling systems, and more.

Heating and cooling systems

You can use sensors that turn on either the heating or cooling system depending on the environment's temperature. For example, if it’s chilly, sensors will turn on the heaters, and if it’s hot, the cooling system is turned on.


Automated cameras can detect motion in and around your home, depending on where they are located. You can get notifications or live videos or images on your mobile device, wherever you are, to enable you to assess what is going on.

Why should you automate your home?

Here are some reasons why you should automate your house


Automating key areas of your house increases the security of your house. You can monitor what goes on in and around your house from your mobile device, no matter where you are.

If you rush out and forget to lock the doors, you can always do it from your mobile device, plus you will get notified every time something suspicious is happening around your house.

Saves money

It’s easy to leave your appliances running because you’re in a hurry or you just forgot to turn them off before leaving your house.

Automated systems automatically turn these appliances off when they’re not in use, so you’re not wasting money on power and electricity bills that you don’t use.

Makes life easier

It’s nice to have the lights turned on once you step into your house, so you don’t have to struggle to find the light switch when it’s dark. Having automated doors saves you from struggling to unlock your door, especially when you have your hands full.

Take Total Control

While all of these smart features are available from many different companies, to have a true smart home, we would be able to align all of those services with the use of a smart home controller - that is going to control all of them inside a single app. Gone are the days that we all grew up in with of 7 remotes on the coffee table to control the TV.

Leverage Smart Home and Hifi’s industry expertise to get all the benefits of home automation. Contact us today!


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